Website Design / Marketing

Gourmet House

I am passionate about everything Irish and local businesses. I decided to help out Órlaith Brady by giving her little café a new website and more of an internet presence. It was great to be able to use my WordPress and Copywriting skills to help a local business.

Travel Writing

Travelista Club

I love writing about travel and my adventures but this was one of my favourite articles to write because it really represented where I'm from. I love Waterford and I believe that it is going to be one of the top destinations to visit in Ireland within the next couple of years. The Greenway marks the start of the rejuvenation of Waterford cIty and county.

Copywriting / Content Writing

Breathe Away

After my friend experienced an anxiety attack while travelling abroad, we researched how we could help people with anxiety. We found anxiety to be a big problem, especially with young people. My friend made the app while I do the copywriting and content writing for the website and social media.

Content Writing


I am currently writing for ShBarcelona. I lived in Barcelona for 6 months and I have an extensive knowledge of the city. I write on a wide range of topics every week. It gives me a chance to work with a big client, use WordPress more and write more content.

Social Media Marketing / Copywriting

Promo Video

After finishing college I wanted to gain more experience and help out the local community. We worked with a local business called the Greenway Man. We made a video and experimented with social media advertising. The video was a great success and brought a huge boost to the local community.

Writing / editing / proofreading

Final Year Project

My final year project was the toughest project in my 4 years at the University of Limerick. I had a keen interest in Marketing and especially to an Irish audience. I learned a lot by putting a huge amount of research into it. Skills like editing, proofreading and compiling info were greatly improved.